I would definitely recommend Gripping History...

Our visit from Gripping History was fantastic and Cathy is an absolute professional with a clear passion for engaging young people with the past. All the sessions were well prepared and very well thought out and she had marvellous control of a very large group throughout the day. All children and staff greatly enjoyed the activities and other classes not involved were a little jealous and went on to book their own separate sessions.

I would definitely recommend Gripping History to other colleagues firstly because it is great value for money, Cathy supplied all of the vast and authentic resources that supported each of the activities. Secondly, the children really enjoyed all of the events and it helped bring this topic to life and engage even the most reluctant of learners. Overall, it was a fantastic day and it is something I will be incorporating into my planning whenever I teach this period of history.

A Darninsuang, Year 4 teacher

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