If you are working with Pre-school or reception children, Gripping History can support you with a visit to strengthen any topic on Fairy Stories, Knights, Castles, Kings and Queens etc. You may be doing a topic on ‘Where We Live’ and wish to explore events in you location’s past or its early origins. We will discuss suitable activities with you to devise a suitable visit programme for your needs.

Approaches which often work with this age group include offering some simple comparisons with what people wear or use today and what people who lived in the past might have worn or used. The children might also be asked to engage with familiar modern items and link them with their historical alternatives.

You may also wish to explore/act out a fairy-tale or role play scenario with the use of historical items, some dressing-up and, of course, the participation of the children.

A typical Pre-school session would last 40 minutes and a typical reception session would last 1 hour. If you are using Gripping History to provide a longer experience for KS1 children, the reception children can of course be catered for within a longer session with a more historical focus.

The above outlines are illustrations of activities which have worked well with this age group in the past. If you have other requirements or needs, we will be happy to discuss them with you and devise a plan which meets your needs.

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