Whatever the focus of your historical study in KS1, if it falls within the date range of Gripping History (Prehistory-14th Century), we can offer a tailored school visit to enhance your pupil’s learning.

Whether you have chosen a significant national event, a significant individual who has contributed to national achievements or whether you are a Cambridgeshire school studying an aspect of local history, Gripping History can support your children in gaining a real understanding of people and events from the past.

A school visit for this age group will involve some grounding in chronology, which will be tailored to reflect other areas of history the children have already studied, and comparisons with everyday life, now and then. They may be given the opportunity to study domestic artefacts, to explore clothing, weaponry and armour and events from the past, dependent on your preferences. They will be encouraged to ask questions and to start to answer questions about how we know things about the past.

We can tailor a visit programme to suit you, whatever your group size. You may prefer a whole day for more than one group. Or you may prefer to run two half day sessions and  split a larger group into two smaller ones. This may allow for a greater level of participation. The charge will be the same as for a full day.

An example structure would be a combination of one or two whole group sessions involving children in questioning and exploring, balanced with hands on workshop activities in smaller groups.

 Example Programme

Introduction 1 hour Children learn together about chronology, clothing, armour and differences between then and now
Workshop 1 30 mins 1 class of children study domestic artefacts and decide what each artefact would tell us if it could talk.
Workshop 2 30 mins 1 class of children design their own heraldic symbol based on examples from the beginnings of heraldry in the 14th Century.
 Groups swap over
Attacking a Castle  30 mins  Children see demonstraions of archery, a cross bow and a trebuchet and are guided though a physical recreation of a tournament.

Further workshops focusing on food, a local historical character,  or another subject of your choosing, can be added if you require a full day for a smaller number of children.


This 2.5 hour programme can be repeated on the same day for a second group of 60 children if required. Two half day sessions would incur the same cost as a full day.


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