The school will complete the ‘booking confirmation’ and return it.

Once the booking confirmation is received the booking is considered confirmed and the agreed date will not be offered to any other school. (Before the booking form is returned the date may be offered to other schools.)

If a school wishes to move or cancel the visit more than 14 days before the visit, this will not incur any charge, unless out of pocket expenses have already been incurred by Gripping History (e.g. payment for accommodation). The school will be billed for this cost, which will be no more than £50. Proof of this expense will be offered and an invoice sent to the school.

If a school cancels the visit outright less than 14 days beforehand, the school will be charged any out of pocket expenses (e.g. accommodation costs) and a £75 charge to compensate for loss of earnings.

If a school wishes to postpone or rearrange the visit less than 14 days beforehand, every effort will be made to find an alternative date. Even if an alternative date can be arranged, any accommodation costs already incurred will still be payable, and £75 loss of earning charge may be waived.

If a school is closed due to bad weather or technical failure and the Gripping History Educator is already en route to school or has arrived on site when notification is received, all or part of the travel cost will be charged to the school. No additional charge for loss of earnings will be made. If notification of closure is received before the educator’s journey begins, there will be no charge to the school.

If a visit has to be cancelled by Gripping History , due to unforeseen circumstances, illness, break down etc no charge will be made to the school. Every effort will be made to rearrange the visit on a suitable date.

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