caligaeAt Gripping History, we feel it is essential to tailor the programme for your day to the needs of the children and to your requirements, depending on your areas of study. Scroll down the page here to find out about the workshop choices available for Roman day. If you have an idea for a workshop, which is not listed here, we can discuss creating one to suit. Teachers will be sent a booking form ahead of the visit. Here you will be asked to select up to four workshops which you prefer. Depending on the number of classes participaintg we will build a timetable to suit.

If you just have one class participating in Roman day, we will lead all the workshops for you. If there are between 2 and 4 classes, we will send out Teacher Lesson packs before tha day to support you in delvering a hands on session, using our resources. This approach ensures that all the children have the chance for hands on, experiential learing during the day.

All the workshops are designed to suit KS2 children, but adjustments can be made to accommodate other age groups.loricca

A Visit to the Forum - The children will prepare of a visit to the forum by learing some Latin names for common food tiems. they will selct the food items they wish to by and write themselves shopping list using a wax tablet. They will then purchase their chosen goods.

Roman Pastimes - The children will consider the differences between their leisure choices and those of a Roman child. They will learn to play a Roman game, using a board and counters.

Handling Replica Roman Objects - In this workshop the children will be asked to guess the identity of various Roman domestic items, which are hidden in a bag. The artefacts will tell the stroy of a day in the life of a roman woman in Britannia

Centurion's Parade - In this activity, to be run in the afternoon, the children will meet a Roman centurion. He will invite them to join the Roman army and will show them the weapons and basic itmes of kit they will use. He will carry out some trianing with the new recruits.

Ludus Magnus Britannia Romani - The Great Game of Roman Britain. In this board game, the children will tale the roles of the legates taking messengers to various places in Roman Britannia. They will travel using the Roman road networks and will encounter various hazards and rewards as they learn more abou the key places in Roman Britannia.

pottery assemblageCulina Romani - The Roman Kitchen - The children will first learn about the diet of the ordinary Romano-British person and then develop their understanidng of the new food items which were introduced to Britain by the Romans. They will handle some artefacts associated with cooking and food preparation. they may even grind up some seasoning in a replica mortarium. (There may be an additional charge for food items.)

Roman Gods and Myths - The children will learn amore about the pagan Roman world view through the retelling of a myth invoving the colourful Roman pantheon. the children will then devise a new god and selct their main attributes, as the romans were often doing themselves.

Christianity arrives in Britannia - The children will hear the story of the arrival of Christinanity in Britain and the first British martyr, St Alban. they will then study the votive offering found at Water Newton in Cambs and make their own versions. There may be an additional charge for craft materials.



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