c and 3 students smA school visit from Gripping History will greatly enhance your students’ learning about Magna Carta or Medieval Realms 1066-1377.

Areas offered include:
• Dress, weaponry armour and military advancements in the Norman period
• A guided recreation of the Battle of Hastings.
• Dress, weaponry armour and military advancements through the crusades, including the beginnings of heraldry
• Dress, weaponry and armour of the period of Edward I (campaigns against Wales and Scotland)
• Meeting a historical character (roleplay, question and answer in role)

•  Medieval Ballistics- The Long Bow, Crossbow and Trebuchet

If your school is in Cambridgeshire, you might also be interested in a local study linked, for example, to the place of Ely Cathedral and pilgrimage in the medieval period or other more in depth studies of local places or people connected with your town or village. We are able to support you in bringing local characters or events to life through drama or roleplay, using historical sources where possible.

Whatever the specific needs of your students, Gripping History will be able to devise a school visit programme to engage and inform.

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