Marcus Suetonius Martinus

We are pleased to recommend Marcus Suetonius Martinus who offers presentations for schools.

martinHis presentation offers a chance to meet a 1st Century AD Roman smartin2oldier who will talk, in character, about life in the Roman army in Britain.

  • The presentation includes:
  • - a brief description of Roman British history
  • - the invasion of Britain and Boudicca's revolt
  • - a demonstration of 1st century AD weapons, military clothing, armour, equipment and tactics
  • - a description of Roman religion and how it was practised
  • - an opportunity to examine and handle genuine religious artefacts from the period.

 Each presentation lasts 60-90 minutes and is suitable for KS2 children.

The charge for visits is £50 per hour plus travel.

Get in touch with Marcus Suetonius Martinus through our contact form.

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