The activities were well planned and varied...

Immersing them in the clothing, the artefacts, games etc really helps to bring facts to life. Discussing how we know about history and how historians have to work like detectives to piece clues together also sparked their interest. They absolutely loved the fighting and battles and actually lived’ through the Battle of Maldon which otherwise may have been quite dry in written form. Through the activity they learned about the Saxons which we hadn't yet covered. They also had enormous fun!

I think the activities were well planned and varied and a change from previous history days we've had. The children learned a lot in an effortless way and got a real feel for the period. They really liked the outdoor activity (battle and archery) and were thrilled to be allowed to fight. They were very impressed by the archery and again, got something of a feel for what a battle might have entailed. We all had a fantastic day!

A Richman, Y4 Teacher

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